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Technologies We Support

  • HTML, CSS and emerging web standards (SVG, HTML 5 video, HTML 5 canvas, etc.)
  • JavaScript, AJAX and major JavaScript libraries (e.g., jQuery, YUI, etc.)
  • All XML-related technologies, such as XSLT, XSL-FO and XML schema
  • Microsoft ASP.Net and the .Net framework (all versions)
  • Microsoft SQL Server database (all versions), including advanced features (SSIS, complex custom stored procedures, full-text search, etc.)
  • Various commercial third-party tools and components (e.g., LLBLGen Pro, Telerik components, etc.)
  • Public web services/APIs, such as Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook
  • Cloud hosting infrastructures:
    - Generic offerings, such as Amazon Web Services
    - Platform-specific offerings, such as Microsoft Windows Azure/SQL Azure, Google App Engine
  • Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight*
  • Java, PHP and Python web frameworks and other server technologies and frameworks**
  • Mobile device-specific application implementations
* Limited scope assessed on a case-by-case basis.
** For migration purposes and/or client-side development only.