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Website Optimization

  • Real-life, no nonsense website/web application performance review in context of existing business requirements and other key constraints.
  • Analysis of all application components for code bottlenecks on the server-side (back-end code), in the browser (JavasScript/plug-ins) and in between (for example, the Content Delivery Network).
  • Non-invasive optimizations for maximum performance increases without major code and infrastructure changes where project constraints permit.
  • Database access and query optimization as well as database round-trips minimization (for example, by utilizing data caching).
  • Perceived performance improvements, such as splash screens and progress/status message display.
  • Asychronous/background operations implementation for better system responsiveness, such as user interface AJAX-ification and server-side multi-threading.
  • Optimization of certain external API usage scenarios, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Application load testing and scalability model verification and improvements advice.